Why am I here why do I do what I do? You know this was a really hard question to me a while back. I honestly couldn't really get a grip on it. Then there was one couples session early in my career that I figured it all out. 

"Why photography?" they asked me.

For me it's all beautiful, but what is exceptional are those little moments that I get to capture. That 1/2000 of a second where I get that touch, or that look, or just that feeling for you. That moment that no matter how hard you try you will never get to experience it again. I get to capture that and document it for you to look back on years from now. I get to capture that FEELING for you so you can remember it forever.

Im a very romantic, nostalgic person and the idea that I get to artistically make time stand still for you forever. THAT. Thats it. 

I wasn't kidding! I'm honestly am so cheesy, as a teenager I was obsessed with romance novels! Which you know may or may not play into my career choice! Im a Pisces who has trouble spelling Pisces. As well as just about every other for that matter so if you see any spelling and grammar errors mind your own business. Just kidding, if you want to nicely point it out to me I would be so thankful!! Haha.


I love Astrology even though I don't know whether I believe in it or not and I will most defiantly ask you what you sign is at some point. Im an ENFP if you know what that mean. Enneagram type 7 or 3 depending on the day and my mood. If I wasn't a photographer I would probably be a life-coach of sorts. Im super passionate about encouraging people to do what they love and chase their dreams. 


Im from a small town near Kansas City, on the Kansas side. I leaned how to shoot in the middle of no where adventuring with my friends which must have sparked my love of traveling now. Myself and my boyfriend of a few years, Noah , love traveling with our friends which is why anything relating to photography and traveling, is my absolute jam. So far my favorite place in the world is the Pacific Northwest and within a few years I plan to relocate there. 

Hi!!! I'm so glad you want to know more about me!! 

This page is just under some maintenance right now! I'll be back tomorrow!

A few more rapid fire line about me...


Kansas City Native

20 something



Coffee Lover


Morning Person


Nature Obsessed




Frequent Target Shopper

HGTV Binger

Breakfast Enthusiast

National Park junkie

Enngagram 3w4


If you didn't know or couldn't tell, I love to travel. If you have a dream to have your photos taken in any of the following locations, well, same friend! Let' s make this dream a reality. Book one of these locations and snag yourself a BUCKET LIST DISCOUNT!!!



Bonneville Salt Flats UT

Olympic National Park WA

Canon Beach OR

Glacier National Park MT

Grand Tetons National Park WY

Joshua Tree National Park CA

Sequoia National Park CA

Crater Lake National Park OR


Zion National Park UT


Sedona AZ



Bucket List Locations

If you liked what you saw what are you waiting for??? Let get talking!!!

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