I'm so glad you are curious enough to want to know more about me! I'm an elopement & intimate wedding photographer based in Kansas City but traveling everywhere! I'm pretty obsessed with hgtv and pretty houses, I'm also addicted to coffee and coffee shops, and my heart is in the PNW! My perfect day would be waking up early cleaning, marking coffee sitting out on the porch and editing afterward going on a nice little hike in some mountains with Noah (my partner), then for dinner, we would sit on the couch with some Mexican food and watch jeopardy!

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- Emily

- emily

I really love to get to know my couples as people, this makes it so much easier and so much more fun for me to tell your story, this also makes it easier for you to just be yourself! I really value honest and genuine connections with people! I really want to document who you are in a way that feels right at home to you! I don't do much 'posing' while shooting, I do more prompting or guiding you along, this gives us those beautiful candid moments that truly speak to you and your relationship! 

My Approach

Who the heck is Noah?

Noah is easily my best friend! We have been together since high school! In my life, he is one of my biggest supporters, he always has encouraged me to do whatever makes me happy! He's part of the reason I actually started taking photography seriously my senior year of high school,  I wouldn't be where I am without him! Together we love to travel and one of our biggest dreams is to be able to live in an RV and travel! Him playing music and myself shooting all over!

In my business, you will occasionally catch him as my second shooter, my travel buddy, and go-to guy for coffee runs when I'm running low on energy! He's creative himself and such an outgoing people person! So having him around in any situation is always a plus!

In his free time, Noah writes and plays music! He is a fantastic musician and comes up with some really beautiful stuff and he's always down to play at a wedding if you need a guy who has some brilliant guitar skills!  

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Oh Yeah this guy Thats Noah


Kansas City Native

20 something



Coffee Lover


Morning Person


Nature Obsessed




Frequent Target Shopper

HGTV Binger

Breakfast Enthusiast

National Park junkie

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