Hey its Emily!

Shooting couples in love has been my favorite thing for about 3 years now! Based in Kansas City but traveling just about anywhere to document my rad couples.

Your Wedding and ELopement Photogrpaher

On a typical day you will find me waking up pretty early to get a workout in and figuing out the fastest way to get coffee in my possesion. After a good day spent working at home or a coffee shop, ill head home to get in my comfy clothes and get ready for dinner. I usually finish the evening cooking and talking with my boyfrind or sometimes binging our favorite TV shows at the moment!

Get  to know me

  • I worked at starbucks for years and i blame  my coffee addiction on that

  • If were going out to eat it better be mexican food

  • enneagram 3w4, and yes ill probaby ask you what yours is...

  • Ive gone sky diving

  • My dream place to visit right now is Irealnd

  • I'm likley one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet

  • I love reading self help and development books and working on personal growth

  • Im not funny at all, in fact my jokes are so terrible its actually funny


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"Being a photographer never crossed my mind growing up, but now, i couldnt imagine doing anything else"

Photography for me was one of those things that just kind of happened. I spent my late teens early 20's on the hunt for a "dream job" just like everyone else and it turned out it was literally right under my nose.

Getting to document and be a part of such an important day in someones life makes me so happy. Most of the time, I feel like walk out of a wedding with new friends. Ive gained so many great relationships though all of it.

three words my friends use to discribe me:

- enthusicastic

- optimistic

- adventurous

"At the end of the day i'm passionate about living life to its fullest and becoming the best  version of yourself"

Im absolutely the friend that will talk your ear off about doing what you love and the person voted most likely too try to convince you to quit your job to come travel with me. 

at the end of the day all we will have are our stories and the photographs that tell them. I want to make sure i life my life intentionally so that years from now i don't look back and regret all the things i didn't do or try.

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Want some epic photos of you on your next adventure?

Lets meet up!!

"Hey! If you have any questions check down below! Otherwise, I look forward to working with you!! "

- Emily

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