Hey Friend!! 

Im an elopement & intimate wedding photographer based in Kansas City but traveling everywhere!


I'm pretty obsessed with HGTV and pretty houses, I'm also addicted to coffee and coffee shops! My heart is in the PNW! My perfect day would be waking up early on a rainy day, cleaning, making coffee sitting out on the porch, and editing. afterward maybe going on a nice little hike in some mountains with Noah (my partner), then for dinner, we would sit on the couch with some Mexican food and watch new girl!

- Emily

"I spent my 20th birthday on a road trip in Utah with absolute strangers, we went skydiving, arch repelling, and sat around a bonfire and talked about life. It was then that I knew a 9-5 wasn't for me and that sometimes the scariest things we can think of aren't that bad at all and they make some pretty cool stories. We get one chance here and If this is all? well, we better do something cool with it. "

My  Aproach

I really love to get to know my couples as people, this makes it so much easier and so much more fun for me to tell your story, this also makes it easier for you to just be yourself!


I really value honest and genuine connections with people! I really want to document who you are in a way that feels right at home to you! I love to make a point to have some time to chat before your shoot or your wedding day. This is so we can know each other a bit before you have this random person you barely konw putting a camera in your face! I don't want to just be your photographer, I want to to be a friend.

I don't do much 'posing' while shooting. I do more prompting or guiding you along, I want this to feel natural and I want you to feel comfortable through this experience! When your comfortable and having a great time is when we get those beautiful authentic joyous moments! 

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